The Pietrasanta Bath, with its 93 meters in front of the sea, is the largest bathhouse of the municipality of Pietrasanta and among the largest in the whole versilia.
It boasts a great reception with 272 umbrellas and 36 tents. Due to the size of the arena, both the tents and umbrellas are well spaced.
The offer of beach services is well differentiated to meet the different needs and availability:

- Umbrella 1st row: Located right in front of the sea, these umbrellas are equipped with two deckchairs, director chair, cot and cabin
- Umbrellas top area: located from the 2nd to the 6th row to the sea: they are equipped with director chair and cot
- Standard umbrellas: Located from the seventh to the seventeenth sea position, these umbrellas are equipped with two deckchairs;
  you can still add other options such as the cot or the director chair.

- The large tents, completely renovated in 2016, are all equipped with double accessories:
  two deckchairs, two director chairs, two cots and a table: at the request of the customer, the curtains can be equipped with a locked table
  which allows you to store various objects

Reservations can also be made for "standard" umbrellas for half a day.

Locker service:
The service provides the rental of a small locker for up to two people, in order to store clothing and/or other.
This service is suitable for those who want to stay at the beach a few hours and have no interest in renting a shade space.
With a symbolic figure they will be able to benefit from the facilities of the plant and stop on the beach with their own towel.

The following services are available for all customers:
Bar Restaurant and Pizzeria
Hot and cold showers
Football pitch for younger children
Beach volleyball court
Ping pong table
Play space
Lunch space at the "bag"
Service "inflating mattresses"
Rental service patinas and pedalo

For hygiene and safety reasons, from 2016 all toilets and showers are only available through the use of a rfid card issued free of charge by the Establishment (only the payment of a small deposit is required which will then be returned)

There is also a first aid service for minor injuries. There is also a defibrillator in the bathhouse in case of heart problems.

Bagno Pietrasanta
Gestione: Pietrasanta Sviluppo Spa  - Piazza Duomo, 13 55045 Pietrasanta Lucca -
Cod.fisc.e partita iva 02137380461 - Iscritta al reg.imprese di Lucca - Iscr.n.02137380461 - cap.soc € 9.295.080,00 i.v.
Tel. direzione stab.balneare: 0584 22206
Recapito invernale: Pietrasanta Sviluppo tel:0584 795564